Manual Exchange Setup

Configuring settings files

Every HollaEx CLI command relies on the files or file located in the settings directory of HollaEx Kit. You should set the files correctly before running any HollaEx CLI commands.

By default, there are two files located in the settings directory of HollaEx Kit: configmap and settings. configmap stores relatively non-sensitive values, such as the name of the exchange and the URL of the API server. secret, on the other hand, stores more sensitive values such as the database credentials and reCaptcha key for server.


Theconfigmap file is separated into two sections: "General Configurations" and "Advanced Configurations". General configurations through the hollaex setup command. Advanced configurations, on the other hand, should be filled manually. The advanced configurations are mostly for advanced usage so you don't need to worry about them in the beginning.


The secret file is separated into three sections:"Secret Configurations", "Advanced Secret Configurations", and "Automatically Generated Passwords".

The secret configurations can be configured using hollaex setup.

The advanced secret configurations, on the other hand, should be configured manually. These values are mostly related with credentials to authenticate to internal backends (such as database), or external services that HollaEx Kit depends (such as AWS S3 or SNS). Please reference this manual for detailed descriptions. You can also get information about internal and external dependencies here.

You should leave automatically generated passwords as they are. DO NOT MODIFY THESE. Have a look here for more information on these values.