Kubernetes (Beta)

Kubernetes deployment for the HollaEx Kit is still on beta. The core functionalities are all available, but there are still could be some unexpected issues or bugs that exist. Our team is constantly working on fixing and improving the CLI functionality for the Kubernetes deployment. So please hold tight!

Kubernetes is a modern, advanced system that allows you to build a production-grade container orchestration environment. HollaEx Kit natively supports Kubernetes for more mission-critical usages.

To target the Kubernetes cluster to deploy the exchange or operate the exchange, add --kube flag behind each command which already introduction at Setup or Operation.


Server side

  • Kubernetes Cluster (Recommend v1.13 or higher)

  • kubernetes/nginx-ingress installed on Kubernetes (latest)

  • cert-manager installed on Kubernetes for issuing SSL cert (v0.11 or higher)

  • helm v2 installed on Kubernetes (Helm v3 is not tested yet, the update will be coming in future.)

Local side

  • kubectl (Recommend v1.13 or higher)

  • helm client (Recommend latest v2.16 or higher. Helm v3 is not tested yet.)

Before running any HollaEx CLI commands for Kubernetes, you should set your KUBECONFIG file ready on your terminal.



If you want to setup an exchange, run the command below.

hollaex setup --kube

To add a new currency, run the command below.

hollaex toolbox --add_coin --kube

To shut down the exchange, run the command below.

hollaex stop --kube

Commands for Kubernetes are also following the generic HollaEx CLI command style. The Only thing you need to add is --kube flag.

Kubernetes Customization