HollaEx CLI

About HollaEx CLI

HollaEx CLI is a command-line tool for operating HollaEx Kit with simple commands. Even without deep knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker, anyone can easily play around with HollaEx with this awesome tool. You can easily install HollaEx CLI by running an installation script in HollaEx Kit.


HollaEx CLI is made with pure bash shell scripts, Relying on system-default tools which are common for modern OSes. Theoretically can work on any POSIX-compatible systems, But we highly recommend you choose between Debian-based Linux distros (Including Ubuntu) or macOS. Our team doesn't guarantee 100% functionality of both HollaEx CLI and HollaEx Kit on other OSes... Yet!


There are 2 ways to install HollaEx CLI.


To install HollaEx CLL from HollaEx CLI repository as standalone, Run the command below. It's that easy.

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bitholla/hollaex-cli/master/install.sh | bash

You can download HollaEx Kit later only with HollaEx CLI by running hollaex init command. This command will basically pulls HollaEx Kit repository from GitHub.

With HollaEx Kit

If you already pulled HollaEx Kit, Simply running install.sh within HollaEx Kit can install HollaEx CLI on your computer.

Either way, Once you installed it, Try to run hollaex version to verify HollaEx CLI get successfully installed :)

Command List

Check here to see the details.