Install on Mac

Install on Mac OS

Since HollaEx Kit is designed for Unix, here's a guide for Mac users to get started.

Before following with the first step of installing HollaEx CLI, Mac users need to manually install following softwares below.

Installing Command Line Tools

In order to install HollaEx CLI, Mac users firstly need to launch the Terminal application found in /Applications/Utilities. Then, type the following command string:

xcode-select —install

Proceed installation by clicking the "Install" button.

The following License Agreement pop-up window should appear on you screen. The installation will be completed once you click the "Agree" button.

Installation completed.

Installing dependencies

Software mention below are dependencies that should be manually installed on your Mac.

  • Latest docker

  • Latest docker-compose

  • Homebrew (Package Management Software) - To installjq

Installing Docker

You can follow this document to install Docker and Docker compose on your Mac.

After done with installation, you need to increase the memory through Docker Preferences since Mac OS restricts memory usage.

Click the Docker menu in the top status bar and select Preferences.

Go to Resources and increase Memory to 4GB manually, and click the "Apply&Restart" button.

Installing jq with Homebrew

Most efficient way to install jq on a Mac, would probably be using homebrew. Follow the simple step below to install brew on your Mac.

Open the Terminal application, and then enter the following command into a single line

ruby -e "$(culr -fsSL"

Enter the administrator password to begin installation (It would take a while depending on the speed of your Mac and internet connection). You will see "Installation successful!" message once completed.

Start installing jqby typing the command below:

brew install jq

Catching up with HollaEx Kit

Once fully set on your computer, You can go back to our general document and proceed to get HollaEx Kit for your exchange.