By default, HollaEx servers will print out all the activities through the container's standard output. You can browse it by using the hollaex logs command or docker logs (kubectl logs) command provided by Docker. The API and Stream containers print out the activities related to user connections and the 'Engine' containers print out something related to crypto trading.

The log verbosity level could be controlled by HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_LOG_LEVEL configuration at your Kit's settings file. The default configuration is verbose, which is good for most of the users. but you can also increase (or decrease) the verbosity based on your needs.

There are 5 levels of log verbosity.

  • error

  • info

  • verbose

  • debug

  • silly

The more it goes to the bottom, the log verbosity gets increased. Same as the default, we generally recommend verbose as log verbosity for most of the production usages.

The server requires a full restart through the hollaex restart command once you modify HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_LOG_LEVEL configuration at Kit.

Browsing logs

hollaex logs (--flags) (--kube)

Check here to see more details.