SSL for the exchange

SSL / HTTPS support is very important to keep the service safe and sound, especially for something related with finance. HollaEx Kit provides easy way to issue SSL certificate by using a single command below.

hollaex toolbox (-issue_ssl / --renew_ssl)

This command will both issue and renew SSL certificate by using Let's Encrypt and Certbot. By default, Certbot will use http-01 method to issue SSL. If you are not able to use http-01, please check the Certbot docs to find a perfect verification method for your environment.

SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt will expire after 3 months it get issued. Make sure to run hollaex toolbox --renew_ssl to renew your certificate before it get expired. We recommend you to set some sort of automation job by using crontab or similar tool. Adding --skip flag would prevent HollaEx CLI to ask your confirm so would be useful to use it with automated crontab.