HollaEx CLI

1.13.3 - 2020-09-16


  • Adding / Removing multiple coins and pairs become easier than ever.

    • hollaex toolbox --add_coin --coin_symbol btc,eth,xht,usdt to add BTC, ETH, XHT, USDT coins to the exchange with a single command.

    • hollaex toolbox --remove_coin --coin_symbol btc,eth to remove BTC and ETH coins from the exchange.

    • hollaex toolbox --add_trading_pair --pair_name btc-usdt,eth-usdt,xht-usdt to add BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT, and XHT-USDT trading pair (market).

    • hollaex toolbox --remove_trading_pair --pair_name btc-usdt,eth-usdt to remove BTC-USDT and ETH-USDT trading pair (market).

1.13.0 - 2020-09-04


  • hollaex cloud command support to manage an exchange on the HollaCloud. The command is only available for the active HollaCloud users.

    • Available Actions: --start / --stop / --restart / --upgrade / --terminate

1.12.4 - 2020-08-27


  • hollaex version now also displays the Kit version with the CLI version installed on the user's computer.

  • The version compatibility checks for the HollaEx Kit has been a bit relaxed for the better user experience.

1.12.2 - 2020-08-19


  • hollaex build command now always uses the latest compatible version of the HollaEx Core, if the --version flag is not specified.


  • Fixed a bug at hollaex toolbox --add_trading_pair --kube that sometimes the CLI terminates the Kubernetes Job container before pair adding is fully done.

1.12.0 - 2020-07-27


  • hollaex scale command support. The hollaex scale command could help you to have multiple stateless servers (API, Stream) increase availability and performance.

hollaex scale --target (api/ws) --replicas (numbers_of_containers) (--kube)

hollaex scale for the local exchange (Exchange which doesn't use Kubernetes) doesn't keep the numbers of scaled replicas persistently. The numbers of replicas would be reset to default (1 replica for each) on next hollaex restart. The modified numbers of replicas would be saved at the settings file if you are running your exchange on Kubernetes.

hollaex scale command would DISABLE a host port connection for API and Stream due to the technical limitations. A connection through 10010 Port for API, and 10080 Port for Stream would be disabled before the hollaex restart. Normal connections through Nginx (connection through the URL without specifying the port numbers) would have no issue.

For example, if you want to increase the numbers of API replicas to 3, run below.

hollaex scale --target api --replicas 3

If you want to increase the numbers of Stream replicas to 4 on Kubernetes, run below.

hollaex scale --target stream --replicas 4 --kube
  • Docker daemon status check on hollaex setup. The CLI would be exited if the Docker daemon is not running properly.

1.11.13 - 2020-07-21


  • Advanced Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler options support through Settings files. To use this option, please add the values below on your HollaEx Kit settings file. The change would be automatically applied at hollaex setup or hollaex upgrade.

# Average memory in bytes to trigger pod scale up
  • Horizontal Pod scale up support for thestream server.

  • Horizontal Pod scale up support for the web server.


1.11.11 - 2020-07-15


  • Fixed a parsing issue at adding a new coin when the coin full name got a space.

1.11.8 - 2020-07-02


  • Fixed an image tagging issue (doesn't update the image version number automatically) on thehollaex build --version command.


  • hollaex prod --kube command now supports to enable or disable the SSL partially for API and Web server. For example, you could enable the SSL for the API server, but disable it for the Web in case of using an external load balancer (or CDN) for Web with its own SSL certificate. Starting from this release, the CLI would add the following keys on your settings files once you run hollaex prod --kube. The values could be either true and false.


1.11.1 - 2020-05-28


  • Fixed an issue at generating Kubernetes secret file.

    • Improved Base64 encoding logic to not add additional quotes around the value.

  • Updated command README to fix wrongly mentioned flags.

    • hollaex import --file -> hollaex import --path.

  • Removed unnecessary trading pair update steps on hollaex start --kube.

1.11.0 - 2020-05-22

HollaEx CLI v1.11 is compatible with HollaEx Core 1.24.x, and HollaEx Kit v1.5.x.


  • Fixed an issue at hollaex setup --kube which tries to stop exchange multiple times after the bootstrap procedure.


  • New Docker image naming style.

    • <core/web>-<version>-<timestamp> formed Docker Tag will be applied.

      • HollaEx Core: bitholla/my-repository:myexchange-core-1.24.0-2005221350.

      • HollaEx Web: bitholla/my-repository:myexchange-web-1.5.0-2005221350.

  • Kubernetes nodeSelector separation for Stateless and Stateful Pods.

    • Stateless Pods (API, Stream) can be now located separately from the Stateful Pods (Engine, Database).

  • User-defined resource requests & limits support for Kubernetes Pods.

  • hollaex import / export --with_aws_s3 flag support to save & restore my Kit settings file to the remote AWS S3 bucket.

  • hollaex start, restart, upgrade --ignore_settings flag to not update server's environment variables with local HollaEx Kit settings files.

  • Enhanced --skip flag support for less user interactions for running HollaEx CLI commands.

    • For example, hollaex restart --skip command to restart the HollaEx exchange without additional user interaction or confirmation. Would be useful for scripting and automation.

  • PostgreSQL database backup Cronjob to AWS S3 for Kubernetes support.

    • The Cronjob would be installed automatically while on hollaex setup --kube if ENVIRONMENT_KUBERNETES_S3_BACKUP_CRONJOB_ACCESSKEY and ENVIRONMENT_KUBERNETES_S3_BACKUP_CRONJOB_SECRETKEY values are filled.

    • The Cronjob could be also installed afterwards manually by running hollaex toolbox --set_backup_cronjob --kube command.

1.10.1 - 2020-05-07


  • Fixed an issue at checking the compatible HollaEx Core version while on hollaex upgrade .

  • Fixed a naming issue for the container dependencies at docker-compose file generation for hollaex dev.


  • Improved a logic to verify the activation code during the exchange setup and upgrade.

1.10.0 - 2020-04-29

HollaEx CLI v1.10 is compatible with HollaEx Core 1.23.x, and HollaEx Kit v1.4.x.


  • Fixed an issue at duplicated coin / pair add job creation at Kubernetes environment.


  • Replaced python3 based random password generation to Docker based password generation with temporary containers.

  • Enhanced CLI installer dependencies check support.

  • CLI installer for RHEL (CentOS) support.

  • Multi exchanges support based on the user exchange name.

  • Improved hollaex prod support for Kubernetes environment.

  • hollaex toolbox --set_security command support to overwrite "security" section at the exchange admin panel, based on the Kit settings file.

1.9.2 - 2020-04-10


  • hollaex toolbox --set_security command to overwrite exchange security values (reCaptcha, Allowed domains and IPs) with provided ones.

  • hollaex dev command support for users which could be useful for developing custom plugins. You should run this command on completely new machine. This would cause conflicts if you run dev command where your production exchange is running!

    • hollaex dev --setup to setup development exchange.

    • hollaex dev --restart to restart the exchange while installing new npm packages.

    • hollaex dev --terminate to terminate the development exchange.

  • Kubernetes Ingress rules generation now contains nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/upstream-hash-by annotation for stream connection. The annotation would enable ip_hash feature of Nginx for stream session persistency.

  • RHEL (CentOS) based Linux support for auto-installing HollaEx dependencies.

  • Custom environment name support (container prefix, Kubernetes namespace separation) for allowing setup multiple exchanges on a same machine. The environment name would follow the exchange name you've set at dash.bitholla.com, but would drop special characters, spaces, and convert the upper case to all lower case. Due to the port number conflicts, it is only possible to make one exchange as online at the same period.

  • Random password generation is now handled by HollaEx Core image. The CLI would run temporary docker containers to generate passwords on each CLI command operations, and clean up automatically.

  • CLI logo has been switched to a HollaEx Kit logo.

  • The CLI would set user's Kit settings files (/settings folder) as assume-unchanged status at hollaex setup. This would prevent the unwanted conflicts while on the further Kit upgrade.

  • Issuing (applying) SSL through hollaex prod for Kubernetes has been refined with better announcement and flow. Since it updates the domain scheme at configmap file to https, generating ingress rules for HTTPS becomes more solid.

  • Fixed an issue at generating web .env, which doesn't update NODE_ENV for web based on configmap file.


1.9.1 - 2020-03-27

  • Fixed an issue with reading trading pairs activation status from the bitHolla server.

  • Fixed an issue which the CLI tries to run duplicated add / remove coin & pair Kubernetes jobs on hollaex setup.

  • Fixed an issue at comparing CLI versions at hollaex upgrade.

1.9.1 - 2020-03-27


  • Fixed an issue at hollaex prod which potentially could cause unwanted loop for issuing SSL certificate through certbot.

1.9.0 - 2020-03-27

HollaEx CLI v1.9 is compatible with HollaEx Core 1.22.x, and HollaEx Kit v1.3.x.

Starting from this version, HollaEx CLI manages compatible versions on each releases. The CLI would not function if the version range doesn't match.


  • Fixed internal Python (for generating random secrets) incompatibility issue on certain OSes due to Python2's deprecation. The logic has been rewritten with Python3.


  • hollaex prod command support to set up production domains for the exchange and issue SSL certs. By default, the exchange would be configured as a 'local mode'. You should run this command to bind domains you want for the production service.

  • hollaex logs command now supports --export flag to export log results as a file. It now also displays more debugging-friendly data including user system info and OS type.

  • You could now run hollaex build and hollaex restart in an order to easily apply your Kit custom changes (mail, plugins, etc) on the server.

  • hollaex setup now automatically generates random passwords for backends (Redis, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB) for the better security.

  • hollaex toolbox --influxdb_migration command support to easily migrate InfluxDB data to a new (empty) InfluxDB server. The command uses PostgreSQL DB data as a source for InfluxDB during the migration.

  • version_range file has been added on CLI root to manage compatible Kit components version range. The file (CLI itself) would be updated on every new Kit and Core releases.

1.8.5 - 2020-03-03


  • Fixed an issue on access token validity checking on hollaex setup and hollaex login which could wrongly detect the token status and show wrong result to user.


  • Removed unnecessary command confirmation on listed commands below. The CLI will proceed to run jobs without doing double confirmation. The listed commands for Kubernetes would still ask for the double confirmation due to prevent cluster mis-selection.

    • hollaex setup

    • hollaex start

    • hollaex web --setup

    • hollaex web --start

1.8.4 - 2020-02-28


  • Fixed an issue with hollaex web which the CLI doesn't recover the missing web Nginx configuration due to a technical conflict in some rare cases.

  • Fixed an issue at hollaex stop --kube which attempts to remove ingress rules even if it doesn't exists.

  • General wording fixes.


  • hollaex logout now removes the user access token stored at Kit path (.token file).

  • hollaex setup and hollaex login now returns an error if user doesn't have any exchange on the account.

  • hollaex logs command now supports --export flag to store log results into a file. This could be useful for users to share log results to others as a debugging purpose. Simply pass a directory or file path to store logs as a file with --export flag.

  • hollaex logs command now supports both --line and --lines at the same time to set how many log lines to display. No more confusion!

  • HollaEx CLI now flushes the Redis automatically on each hollaex upgrade and hollaex restart.

  • hollaex setup now scan the system more properly to detect the exchange existence on the system before running any setup procedure to prevent conflicts.

1.8.3 - 2020-02-26


  • Fixed an issue with hollaex web command which could potentially removes web Nginx configuration file unexpectedly.

  • Improvement at hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl command to automatically updates user domain configurations (both for the web and the api) to use https as a prefix.

1.8.2 - 2020-02-25


  • General functionality improvements and fixes for hollaex web command. The command sets are now fully following the basic concept of generic hollaex commands for running the exchange API.

    • hollaex web --setup : Builds a new web docker image, runs the web server containers, generates necessary templates and env file. The command only for the initial launching.

    • hollaex web --start : Starting the stopped web server. The web server should be prepared by using hollaex web --setup first.

    • hollaex web --stop : Stopping the started web server.

    • hollaex web --restart : Restarting the existing web server. It also got an option to rebuild the image to apply new custom codes while on restart.

    • hollaex web --build : Builds the web server docker image. Doesn't affect the existing web server itself before doing a restart after the build.

    • hollaex web --terminate : Terminates the existing web server completely from the system. This command doesn't remove the built docker image for web.

  • Wording and ascii art improvements for hollaex web command sets.

1.8.1 - 2020-02-20


  • Added a feature to reapply the Kubernetes ingress rules automatically if the database jobs failed on hollaex upgrade.


  • Fixed an issue with base64 encoding on Linux machine for generating Kubernetes secret file.

  • Fixed an issue with checking the database job status while on hollaex upgrade process for Kubernetes.

  • General wording fixes.

1.8.0 - 2020-02-19

This is a first release of HollaEx CLI v1.8 which is compatible with HollaEx Kit v1.2.


  • Custom HollaEx Core image build changes.

    • Advanced custom mail support.

    • Custom plugins support for the exchange. You and either download / activate plugins that bitHolla officially provides, or can build your own plugins for custom features.

  • Plugins support for HollaEx

    • HollaEx CLI will now run plugins-controller server additionally to handle plugins features and requests. It would be an additional container form and stay with other workloads like API or Stream containers. All requests with /plugins url will be forwarded to the plugins-controller server.

  • hollaex setup improvements.

    • HollaEx CLI is now able to pull the exchange configuration data from bitHolla Dashboard automatically, during the hollaex setup process. Once you finish the exchange configuration through bitHolla Dashboard, proceed to run hollaex setup and provide your bitHolla credentials, and select your exchange on the list. The configurations will be downloaded automatically to your HollaEx Kit.

1.7.9 - 2020-01-31

This is a final release of HollaEx CLI v1.7 which is compatible with HollaEx Kit v1.1.


  • hollaex setup manual form improvement.


  • Fixed an issue at hollaex web operations which potentially can remove existing SSL setup.

1.7.8 - 2020-01-31


  • Memory-based Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) has been added and set as default for API pods for HolaEx Kubernetes Deployment. The HPA will automatically scales up the API to improve performance and availability of your exchange.

  • General improvement at HollaEx Web deployment for Kubernetes.


  • Fixed an issue at SSL issuing through cert-manager for HollaEx Web deployed at Kubernetes.

1.7.7 - 2020-01-22


  • Kubernetes PodAffinity setup has been applied for HollaEx server containers. Exchange running at Kubernetes will now try to split out the server containers on multiple nodes as much as possible while on the scheduling.

  • More optimized resource limit & request values has been applied for backend components (PostgreSQL, Redis, and InfluxDB) running at Kubernetes. This change would only affect the newly installed backend component servers.


  • Fixed an issue at creating new coin for the HollaEx Kit exchange at Kubernetes.

1.7.6 - 2020-01-10


  • hollaex logs command now supports to display specific docker container's log, based on its role. For example. hollaex logs --target api --lines 20 will only display last 20 lines of API container's logs.


  • General wording improvements.

  • Improved a cURL timeout issue with HollaEx CLI Docker build.

1.7.5 - 2020-01-09


  • HollaEx CLI now always updates the bitholla/hollaex-core version tag as the latest, at Dockerfile in HollaEx Kit to build user custom HollaEx Core image. This feature is only for hollaex setup command.

1.7.4 - 2020-01-09


  • Fixed compatibility issue with zsh shell.

  • Fixed an issue with reading --version flag on hollaex upgrade.

1.7.3 - 2020-01-06


  • Now you can disable TLS (SSL) setup for Kubernetes ingress rules. Just simply set ENVIRONMENT_KUBERNETES_INGRESS_CERT_MANAGER_ISSUER as blank. This option would be useful for users who already got external load balancer with SSL setup.


  • Fixed a malfunction with checking Kubernetes registry-secret exists on user's cluster.

1.7.2 - 2019-12-30


  • Toolbox command support to let user easily connect HollaEx CLI created PostgreSQL DB, Redis, and InfluxDB.

    • hollaex toolbox --connect_database (--kube) to connect PostgreSQL DB.

    • hollaex toolbox --connect_redis (--kube) to connect Redis.

    • hollaex toolbox --connect_influxdb (--kube) to connect InfluxDB.

  • hollaex upgrade now support --no_build_image flag to skip image building. It could be useful in case of user already built and pushed the image manually. (Advanced users only)


  • General wording fixes.

1.7.1 - 2019-12-24


  • hollaex toolbox --set_activation_code command to switch existing exchange's activation code. It also can be used if you are migrating your exchange from trial to non-trial.


  • Fix bug at adding new currencies for Kubernetes which trying to reapply Ingress rules unnecessarily.

  • General wording fixes.

Happy Christmas!

1.7.0 - 2019-12-19

HollaEx CLI v1.7 is designed for HollaEx Core v1.20 & HollaEx Kit v1.1. Make sure that you to use everything in latest.


  • Configuration value changes at settings/configmap :

ENVIRONMENT_WEB_BASE_CURRENCY -> Deprecated. Not being used anymore.
-> Added. Configurations for setting up user custom HollaEx Core image.
  • HollaEx CLI now builds user custom HollaEx Core Docker image, which includes /mail and /plugins folder at user's HollaEx Kit folder. The build process is included on hollaex setup or hollaex upgrade command. You can also build the image separately by using hollaex build command. User should be able to push and pull this image on user's own private image registry. Pushing the image is mandatory for Kubernetes deployment.

  • hollaex import command support to import exported configmap or secret file from bitHolla Dashboard into user's HollaEx Kit/settings path.

  • HollaEx CLI now stores "initial" custom coins & trading pairs configurations at configmap file. For your information, The configuration values will be not updated if you modified coins & pairs details manually at HollaEx Admin or other places.

  • Enhanced Kubernetes deployment support. Fixed general bugs and improved stability. HollaEx deployment for Kubernetes now supports all features that's necessary for exchange operations.

  • hollaex setup and hollaex setup --reconfigure now ask you for SMTP mail server setup for sending mails for exchange operations. AWS SES will be an additional plugin in future which is current default.


  • Fixed Docker local env file & Kubernetes configmap file generation issue at adding new coins or trading pairs.


  • hollaex web --rebuild now becomes hollaex web --build.

  • hollaex web --setup now also builds user web image while on setup process.

  • hollaex setup now builds user HollaEx Core image while on setup process.


  • hollaex toolbox --remove_coin & --remove_trading_pair now doesn't allow user to remove currencies (coin) less than 2 in total, and 1 trading pair in total. That is the minimum requirement of HollaEx Kit to make exchange function.

  • hollaex add & remove coin / trading_pair now doesn't restart user's exchange by it's one. User should always restart manually to fully apply the changes.

  • hollaex web command now also imports LOGO_PATH and LOGO_BLACK_PATH for web server .env.

1.6.6 - 2019-11-05


  • New values on settings/configmap to allow user to customize base images for backend components.

  • Server API domain can be modified on hollaex web --setup command for web client.

  • HollaEx CLI gets updated automatically on every hollaex upgrade process from now on.

  • hollaex status command support to view exchange status.

  • hollaex logs command support to view exchange logs.


  • Fixed theme name examples on hollaex setup, which displaying white theme as light.


  • New Nginx rate limit values for API access which is designed for generic HollaEx-Based exchanges.

  • HollaEx CLI is now compatible with cert-manager v0.11. Due to the annotation name changes on cert-manager v0.11, default Ingress rule annotation for defining cluster-issuer for SSL has been changed to cert-manager.io/cluster-issuer from certmanager.k8s.io/cluster-issuer . Make sure to update your cert-manager to v0.11 or higher. Please check this document by cert-manager team to see which annotations get changed.

1.6.5 - 2019-10-22


  • Fixed value updating bug for server-side reCaptcha key by using hollaex setup and hollaex setup --reconfigure.


  • Simple guide to setup exchange when the HollaEx CLI gets installed.

  • Better error handling for core exchange operations.

  • General wording improvements.

  • Better input filter for hollaex setup.

  • Creating Supervisor and KYC accounts now becomes false by default on hollaex setup.

  • hollaex setup --reconfigure will not ask certain questions which couldn't be overridden after initial setup.

  • Provided Exchange Name by using hollaex setup will now only updates HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_API_NAME value at settings/configmap.

    • EXCHANGE_ENVIRONMENT_NAME will be always set as hollaex from now on.

1.6.4 - 2019-10-18


  • Fixed missing endpoint announcement when the web client gets ready.

  • Fixed activation code displaying issue on hollaex setup form which shows old activation code even user updated it to new one.


  • Better error handling on HollaEx CLI Install / Uninstall scripts.

  • Basic filters to reject user inputs If you provides invalid values on hollaex setup form.

1.6.3 - 2019-10-17


  • Fixed mail folder integration issue for email customization.

  • Fixed issue on hollaex web --rebuild which asking user's confirmation twice.


  • Web client server will be stopped while on rebuilding new web image by using hollaex web --rebuild. User should run hollaex web --start once the new image get prepared to apply it on web client server.

1.6.2 - 2019-10-16


  • General wording fixes for interaction form, command lists, etc...

1.6.1 - 2019-10-16

New features

  • Sensitive information which provided on interaction from will be masked from this version.


  • Fixed ugly message displaying issue on non-bash shell (zsh).


  • Replaced ASCII art on install.sh and uninstall.sh to HollaEx logo.

1.6.0 - 2019-10-15‌

New features

  • Fully compatibility with HollaEx Kit v1.

  • General components renaming. ws (websocket) now becomes stream, and queue (trading queue) becomes engine.

  • Integration with HollaEx Kit. hollaex init command now pulls full HollaEx Kit from GitHub to set a folder structure for user's settings files and templates for exchange deployments.

  • Built-in web client support for HollaEx Kit based exchange (hollaex web commands).

  • hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl / --renew_ssl to Issue and Renew SSL certificate by using Let's Encrypt and Certbot for local deployed exchange.

  • Interaction form to ask basic information for launching exchange while on hollaex setup process.

  • hollaex setup --reconfigure command to reconfigure basic information for the exchange. User can modify preconfigured information such as activation code or exchange domain.

Changed (For old hex-cli v1.5.x users)

  • Branding change - HEX CLI to HollaEx CLI. All configmap and secret values should be started with HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP or HOLLAEX_SECRET, instead of HEX_CONFIGMAP and HEX_SECRET as prefix.

  • "Initialized exchange folder" now becomes "HollaEx Kit".

  • hollaex launch now becomes hollaex setup.

  • --no_verify flag now becomes --skip.

  • hollaex toolbox --backup_postgresql now becomes hollaex toolbox --backup.

  • HEX_CONFIGMAP_DEPLOYMENT_MODE has been deprecated.


  • Default currencies are now set to hex and usdt.

  • Default trading pair is not set to hex-usdt.


1.5.2 - 2019-09-23

This version would be the last version of hex-cli which supports non-binarized hex-core. You can always download & install v1.5.2 on this link.

New features

  • hex toolbox now supports dynamic add / remove coins and trading pairs. You should use HEX Core 1.19.x or later to use this feature. type hex on terminal to see more details. Exchange will be fully restarting once this action has been triggered.

  • You can enable / disable dynamic generating local NGINX upstream file by setting ENVIRONMENT_DOCKER_COMPOES_GENERATE_NGINX_UPSTREAM as false on Settings file. Default is true.

  • hex-cli will ask user the activation key interactively for exchange on hex launch If HEX_SECRET_ACTIVATION_CODE is empty on Settings file.


  • hex-cli now provides hex and usdt as default currencies, hex-usdt as default trading pair. You can add whatever currencies / trading pairs you want by using hex toolbox command mentioned above.

  • HEX_SECRET_WALLI_KEY (And Secret), HEX_SECRET_WALLI_SECRET (And Secret), and HEX_SECRET_API_KEYS has been replaced to HEX_SECRET_VAULT_KEY and HEX_SECRET_VAULT_SECRET, regarding to following-up changes on bitHolla Vault system.


  • HEX_CONFIGMAP_FIAT_CURRENCY_NAME has been removed from Settings file.

1.5.1 - 2019-09-06

New features

  • hex toolbox now supports rolling upgrade of API pods on Kubernetes without a downtime in case of user only wants to update settings values only affect API, or just applying a new HEX Kit release on API seamlessly.

  • hex-cli will announce user once it detects secret values which should be randomly generated are missing for some reasons.


  • Fixed unexpected quoting issue while on local .env file generation in case of user got special characters on value.


  • For the dockerized hex-cli, user should pass HEX, instead of HOLLAEX as an env to docker container.

1.5.0 - 2019-08-27

From this version, hollaex-cli changed it's branding to hex-cli.

How to install the latest version

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bitholla/hex-cli/master/install.sh | bash

This command will override your pre-installed hex-cli to latest.

New features

  • hex-cli now actively reads API container's status before running any database initialization related commands. It will only proceed once API container become fully ready to handle database updates.

  • hex-cli now detects empty values on settings files and notice to user once any command get executed.


  • Fixed database initialization issue while on certain local hex launching situations.


  • hollex-cli changed it's branding to hex-cli. All commands which starts with hollaex is now replaced as hex. For example, hollaex start now become hex start. Please reference this docs to see more details.

1.4.0 - 2019-08-22

How to install the latest version

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bitholla/hollaex-cli/master/install.sh | bash

This command will override your pre-installed hollaex-cli to latest.

New features

  • hollaex toolbox command sets are ready with basic functionalities. It will help you to handle advanced tasks such as database full backup or upgrading existing Redis to latest compatible.


  • hollaex-cli now correctly reads persistent volume claim size for new PostgreSQL DB and InfluxDB running on Kubernetes.


  • New values are added on configmap file. If you are using v1.3.x currently, Please add these values down below on your configmap file. hollaex-cli can malfunction If these values are missing after upgrading it to v1.4.0.

  • General command structure improvements. hollaex-cli now got 6 big features. init, launch , start, stop, upgrade, and toolbox. Please check the docs to see full changes.