HollaEx Kit

1.5.1 - 2020-06-04


  • Batch Withdrawals for Vault Plugin

    • Previous version processed withdrawals every 15 minutes

    • Now, every withdrawal for coins that are not btc/bch/etc. are processed every minute. Bitcoin family withdrawals are processed every 5 minutes.

    • Funds that are withdrawn will immediately be removed from the account balance as soon as it is sent to Vault


  • XRP address check bug for withdrawals

  • XRP withdrawals not being sent properly to Vault

1.5.0 - 2020-05-22

New Features

  • Announcement Plugin

    • The administrator can now post announcements through the admin panel. The announcements would be displayed at the side bar of the exchange.

  • Vault Plugin Withdrawal Batching

    • Vault by default batches all the user withdrawals and processes them within specific intervals. The administrator can customize the withdrawal interval. Default is every 15 minutes.

    • This Feature helps further fee reduction on the blockchain to make the exchange withdrawal process more efficient.

  • Trading fee adjustment per user:

    • Each user now has a discount fee which specifies the fee reduction he can receive. Default value is 0% and admin can change that per user.

  • User Note (Memo)

    • The administrator can add the notes per users through the admin panel.

    • The administrator can now add a note to specific user only visible to the admin, support, kyc and supervisor role by default.

  • Exchange Colors:

    • Exchange interface themes and all colors are updated through the Admin Panel. Exchange admin can now change all the colors available directly through the admin panel.

1.4.0 - 2020-04-29

New Features

  • Fee management

    • There is a new Fee section on the admin panel for calculating and settling fees received on the exchange.

  • Account freeze

    • It is now possible to freeze specific user's account through the admin panel. The blocked user would not be able to login or do any private activities on HollaEx.

  • Deposit / Withdrawal email for internal transfers

    • Email notifications would be available for internal deposit and withdrawal.

  • Multi exchanges support on the same environment (machine)

    • User would be able to setup multiple exchanges on the same machine. Running the different exchange servers is not allowed due to the network port conflict. Only one exchange can be online at the same period.

  • Website customization:

    • Basic exchange customization functionality for changing branding, social media links and business information and description are now available in the admin panel and can be adjusted

  • New language supports

    • Farsi and Arabic languages are now supported by default. You could also create a PR at here to add new languages on the Kit.

  • Transfer funds between accounts by Admin

    • The admin can now transfer funds between different user accounts.


  • Improved exchange logo

    • HollaEx Web now handles the user custom logo(s) in better way, without breaking up the ratio.

    • Simple instruction page support after the exchange setup

  • Fee system is not calculated and settled automatically anymore. There is a fine grained control for fee calculation and settlement through the admin panel.

1.3.0 - 2020-03-27

New Features

  • Exchange setup through Admin panel

    • HollaEx Admin panel now provides a new menu, "Settings". Exchange administrator or operator could now easily customize & configure the exchange without going through complicated process.

  • Tech user invitation.

    • If you have an additional tech team could help your exchange setup, or needs bitHolla's help, you could now invite others as "tech user" with email. The invited user would get a randomly-generated password to access bitHolla Dashboard, HollaEx CLI, and your own exchange's admin panel.

  • Additional plugin support

    • Vault

      • Vault plugin provides an easy way to integrate your HollaEx Exchange with bitHolla Vault for handling cryptocurrency transactions and balances.

    • Freshdesk

      • Freshdesk is a solution for customer support. By using the Freshdesk plugin at HollaEx, you can easily bring up Freshdesk for supporting your customers.

    • Zendesk

      • Zendesk is a solution for customer support. By using the Zendesk plugin at HollaEx, you can easily bring up Freshdesk for supporting your customers.

    • Chat Troll Box

      • Everyone needs a space for social interaction. Why don't you provide one for them? Easy-straightforward chat troll box for your fellow traders.

  • Significant performance improvement at the HollaEx web.

    • Our team managed a significant level of performance improvement for the HollaEx web. Website can handle heavier load of trading with the same amount of resources.


  • Modifying configmap and secret values at the Settings folder of the Kit would not affect the actual server from this release. The values at the Settings folder would be only used at the exchange initialization, and generating server templates (Docker or Kubernetes). You should go through the admin panel settings to update those values.

  • Improvement at user search on the admin panel. The search result would now display everything that includes the search keyword.

1.2.0 - 2020-02-19

New Features

  • Plugin support added

    • Three plugins (bank, kyc, sms) have been added to the plugin directory

      • Bank allows users to input their bank account information and also gives admins the power to verify or revoke the accounts

      • KYC allows users to input their information (name, address, etc) and upload id documentation. Also gives admins the power to change user information and verify or revoke the documentation.

        • Requires AWS S3

      • SMS allows users to verify their phone numbers and receive sms notification.

        • Requires AWS SNS

      • These plugins were originally a part of the core but have been taken out. Please refer to our HollaEx Core 1.21 changelog to see which endpoints were affected by this.

    • Enabled plugins can be access via endpoints

      • The base URL of plugins is /plugins followed by the plugin name

      • Examples:

        • /plugins/kyc/...

        • /plugins/bank/...

    • To enable the plugins, set the environment variable HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_PLUGINS to a comma-separated string of your chosen plugins

      • bank, kyc, and sms are enabled by default.

      • Example:

        • HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_PLUGINS=bank,kyc,sms


  • The mail and plugin directories now have their own constants files. These files contain values that are specific to each respective container.

  • The mail directory now has its own package.json which contains the dependencies used specifically for its purpose


  • The email language will always default to English.

    • Previously, the kit threw an error if an unsupported language was chosen

1.1.1 - 2020-01-13

New Features

  • New theme switch in the App Bar for quick theme change between black and white


  • New footer is added to all pages with links that can be utilized for exchange navigation


  • Performance improvements in trading page on re rendering Reactjs components

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

1.1.0 - 2019-12-19

For endpoint updates on the core please refer to HollaEx Core v1.20 release.

New Features

  • Default plugin support

  • New tab for active orders in admin panel.

  • Admin can now view user specific orders in the admin panel.

  • Admin can change user roles.


  • Chat user interface is updated. Chat is now called Trollbox and supports different types of emojis.

  • Updated Korean and English strings.

  • HollaEx now uses SMTP as default email sender, from HollaEx Core v1.20+. If you are updating HollaEx Kit from older release, Please reference this docs to make sure your email doesn't get broken.


  • Freshdesk login with SSO when user is logged in no longer sends the user to the dashboard.

1.0.2 - 2019-11-04

  • Fixed admin panel bugs and issues with trading and coin configuration

  • Lifted level 1 default no withdrawal restriction.

  • Bug fixes with custom wallet names that are not conventional on the client.

  • Applying trading fee updates automatically from admin panel without requiring the server restart.

1.0.0 - 2019-10-15

Full HollaEx Kit package using:

  • HollaEx Core v1.19

  • HollaEx CLI v1.6