Get Started

Get started with your own exchange

System Requirements

  • Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu), RHEL (CentOS), or macOS with Bash shell.

  • Minimum 2vCore of CPU.

  • Minimum 4GB of Memory.

  • Minimum 50GB of Free Disk Space.

  • Latest docker and docker-compose.

  • JSON Parser jq (download)

Make sure your system meets the requirements above otherwise you might run into unexpected issues.


Before you start...

bitHolla Dashboard has a simple wizard to create and .configure your exchange. You need to first go to the dashboard and create an account. Once you create an account, click the "Create Exchange" button.

There are 2 categories of setup available: Business Setup and Technical Setup.

Business Setup contains business related configurations, such as the exchange name, exchange logo, and digital assets available on the exchange. Technical Setup contains more tech-related configurations, such as the email server, domain address, and data storage setup.

You have two hosting option:

  • Holla Cloud: bitHolla sets up and runs your exchange in its secure server infrastructure.

  • On Premise: You host your own exchange.

The Docs here are intended for On-Premise exchanges. If you wish yo use Holla Cloud please contact

Now if you are done with the exchange setup wizard and you are trying to setup your exchange on your own, you need to go to the installation section next.