Get Started

Get started with your own exchange

System Requirements

  • Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu) or macOS with Bash shell.

  • Minimum 2vCore of CPU.

  • Minimum 4GB of Memory.

  • Minimum 50GB of Free Disk Space.

  • Latest docker and docker-compose.

HollaEx Kit may be compatible with other systems, but bitHolla Team doesn't guarantee the full functionality and stability of exchange operations that don't meet the system requirements above.


Downloading HollaEx Kit

Latest HollaEx Kit is always available on GitHub. You can clone the repository either directly through your web browser or by using git CLI like below.

git clone

HollaEx Kit contains the necessary directory structure, templates, and even a full web client for a HollaEx Exchange. For further details, please check our advanced guide .

Always keep the HollaEx Kit folder safe. It has all the information related with your exchange. You'll lose control of your exchange If you lose or damage the folder. Keep that in mind.


Before proceeding, you should install HollaEx CLI, a Command-Line tool which simplifies the operation of your HollaEx Kit. Run the installation script by using the command below in your HollaEx Kit folder.


Starting from HollaEx Kit version v1.0.3, the installer will automatically install docker and docker-compose if you don't have them already on you machine. Currently only supporting Debian (Ubuntu) based distros with apt-get for auto installation.

Type hollaex version on your terminal to verify HollaEx CLI has installed successfully.

Once everything is done, it's time to step forward and setup your exchange :)