Before you start, Please make sure to configure your exchange through the bitHolla Dashboard. Check Get Started section of docs.


You can download the Kit:

  • Click download the Kit (shown below)

  • Clone the Kit repo using Git (shown below)

The easiest way to download the HollaEx Kit is to simply click "Download the Kit" link in the popup as shown below once you are done with your exchange setup on bitHolla Dashboard.

Alternatively you can download the Kit manually through Git from HollaEx Kit GitHub repository. Clone the repository either directly through your web browser or by using git command below:

git clone

HollaEx Kit is a full package with the necessary directory structure, templates, and even a full web server for a HollaEx Exchange.

Always keep the HollaEx Kit folder safe. It has all the information related with your exchange. You'll lose control of your exchange If you lose or damage the folder.


First step is to install HollaEx CLI, a Command-Line tool which simplifies the operation of your HollaEx Kit. You should go into HollaEx Kit path first to run any further commands.

cd hollaex-kit

Run the CLI installer by using the command below.


Starting from HollaEx Kit version v1.0.3, the installer will automatically install docker, docker-compose, and jq if you don't have them already on you machine. Currently the installer is only supporting Debian (Ubuntu) based distros with apt-get for the installation.

For multi-platform (Windows, macOS) installation, please check here.

Once installation is completed, type hollaex version on your terminal to make sure HollaEx CLI is set correctly.

Once everything is done, it's time to setup your exchange. Please proceed to the Setup section next.