HollaCloud Operation

The hollaex cloud command sets are only available for the active HollaCloud users.

The email notification for the hollaex cloud command is currently not available. Each request to the HollaCloud would typically take around 20~30 minutes. Please check the exchange status after 30 minutes after running a single hollaex cloud command.

HollaEx CLI provides the command sets to manage exchanges on the HollaCloud. The HollaCloud users could perform necessary actions on the HollaCloud for their exchanges, which going through the bitHolla team manually.

The command should be run at the user's HollaEx Kit directory, just like any other HollaEx CLI commands.

Starting the Exchange

hollaex cloud --start

Stopping the Exchange

hollaex cloud --stop

Restarting the Exchange

hollaex cloud --restart

Upgrading the Exchange

hollaex cloud --upgrade

If you have custom code for the HollaEx Kit, you could specify your custom Kit's Git repo and branch through the flags.

hollaex cloud --upgrade \
--kit_repo https://github.com/mygithub/my-hollaex-kit.git \
--kit_branch develop

Terminating the Exchange

Terminating the exchange would completely remove your exchange from the HollaCloud.

hollaex cloud --terminate