Vault is the business crypto wallet service that bitHolla proudly provides. It makes the crypto integration possible to HollaEx exchanges easier than ever with just a few configurations.

To enable Vault integration for the HollaEx, you should create an API key through the Vault Dashboard first.

Click the "Generate API Key" button to generate your API key.

The Vault account should be upgraded to the 'business' level first, before generating the API key. Please contact to to upgrade your account.

Please make sure to save (or download) your API key and Secret on somewhere after the generation.

You'll see your API key details on the list, once it's generated.

Now, please go to your HollaEx exchange's admin panel, plugins menu. You'll see the Vault plugin there right away.

Go into the Vault menu, Enables it, and provide your generated API key. The vault name (last section) could be anything, but we recommend you to set it the same as the exchange name in lower case.

That's it! Now, you'll be able to generate the crypto wallets through the "wallet" section of your exchange.

Happy Trading :)