Our team aperiodically release new version of HollaEx Kit, CLI and Core. Each new releases could contain minor bug fixes, performance improvements, even brand-new features which could make significant difference between the old version and new.

The upgrade will be always based on the Kit. You can always track the version compatibility lists at Version Compatibility section at docs.

As we are using Git to provide HollaEx Kit, the thing that user should do is git pull in for most of time. Each releases could have differences at directory structure or file, so there's a potential to cause a Git conflict in some cases.

To keeping the persistence of user's existing Kit data, and applying the new updates without any issues, merging the Git conflict is extremely important. For that, we are providing a manual per each Kit version releases. Please reference the correct manual based on your current Kit version.

The upgrade should be happened in order of versions. Which means, upgrading to Kit v1.2 from Kit v1.0 is not possible. Each version of Kit releases got significant structural changes, so jumping multiple versions at once could cause unexpected conflicts which could harm your configurations. Please follow the upgrade manual in order.

Upgrade manual