Version Compatibility

Upgrading is fun, but not always fun. It's always exciting to bring up the new features, but there's also a chance to break up something at the same time. Our team put lots of effort to make every release as backward & forward compatible much as possible, but it could not work for some time.

So, we made a table to track down the version compatibility range. If you are considering the upgrade for your HollaEx environment, Please have a clear look for the range below.

HollaEx Kit

HollaEx Core

HollaEx CLI


v1.19.7 ~ v1.20.1

v1.6.0 ~ v1.6.6


v1.20.0 ~ v1.20.7

v1.7.0 ~ v1.7.9


v1.21.0 ~ v1.21.1

v1.8.0 ~ v.1.8.1